Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sometimes things just suck!

Sometimes things just suck! They do, why pretend otherwise. Things can suck because bad things have happened to us, other times, bad things happen because we have made bad decisions. Either way things can sometimes suck.
So this blog is to offer encouragement to anyone out there that needs some. In today's world everyone seems to be "fine", nobody talks about their problems, or even appears to have any. However the older I get the more I realize you never know what is really going on in some one's Else's life. You can not compare your "backstage" knowledge of your life, with the show someone else is putting on for the world to see. Just remember what stage productions use to build the background or scenery on a stage set, they often use flimsy, and sometimes out of cardboard or thin wood. They props and backgrounds look great from the audience, but backstage or up close the different sets look very different!
So remember not everything is what it appears to be. You are not alone, you are not the only person struggling with what you are going through.

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