Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This time of year can be tough!

When you are going about your business in stores and out to eat, even grocery stores have Christmas music playing in the background. Sometimes the songs are full of cheer almost fake joy. If your mood isn't happy, happy, joy, joy. This can seem to highlight your sadness, frustration and even disappointments you might be struggling with. Often holidays are a time for celebration but sometimes a loss of a family member either through death or divorce can be hard to deal with. An illness during this time can also make one not feel so "bubbly" with the holiday cheer. I often find when I am picky about the type of Christmas music I listen to it helps. Instead of picking trivial holiday song about people having fun, but select songs that are more focused lyrically on the birth of Christ helps me to stay focused on the real reason we celebrate the Christmas. It also helps me not get unrealistic expectations of others at this time of year. (I also try to limit watching commercials the focus is completely on myself & my wants. That does nothing to help me stay positive, joyful, or happy during this time of year. Do you anything to help keep your sanity this time of year?

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