Monday, January 9, 2012

youv'e got mail

Oh do you remember when the Internet first came out, and the magical voice would announce when you had a "email", it would say "you've got mail". Did it make you excited? Did it make your heart beat a little faster? I know it did mine. I love mail!!

Well I am fairly new to Twitter. (I have been on it for over a year, but really only learning how to use in the last month -hey, I get busy!). One thing that is really neat is that you can "follow" people on twitter, and read their "tweets" or little shout outs. It is So much fun! I follow Beth Moore, Sheila Walsh, Tim Tebow, Bob Harper, etc.. Well the other day I read a tweet, that was written by a lady who is wanting to adopt a baby from a mother who is a drug addict, who is trying to fight her addiction. Sometimes good days, sometimes bad. The baby really needs to stay in the mother's womb about 7 more weeks. So she asked people to send letters or cards of encouragement to this special lady who is having such a hard time making it day to day.

The mailing address to send cards is:
Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center
Attn: Marie Mondays
1002 S French Ave
Sanford FL 32771

The request is to pray for Marie, to fight her addiction. Also that the baby Anna that she is currently carrying, would not suffer side effects and would make it to a safe time to be born.
If you feel lead, please join me in mailing cards of encouragement to the above address. If you would like to learn more please look on twitter to follow: @ldharper, or look for to learn more.

Just remember how special it feels to receive mail, and think of blessing someone else with that gift. Thank you!

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